Oh the times they are a-changin’…

We may be leaving the EU for good this week and a hard rain may certainly fall, but there’s also the timely arrival of Bob Dylan’s first ever triple LP, a collection of covers by the great American songwriters. Also stocked is the numbered limited edition in a vintage style case. Triplicate yourself!

There’s a bunch of new albums by some of our favourite artists too –

Goldfrapp’s 7th album ‘Silver Eye’ is here, featuring the euphoric lead single “Anymore”, listen below.

Rapper Ice T’s heavy metal band Bodycount are releasing their 6th studio effort Bloodlust, house producer Jacques Greene’s debut is out now and electro pop-goth Lydia Ainsworth’s follow up to her 2014 debut is finally here.

Special mention goes to the Lloyd McNeill Quartet’s Washington Suite which is finally being reiussed by Souljazz records, a very rare deep jazz album which fetches £300+ online!

Speaking of represses, we’ve got the Animal Collective debut studio and live albums ‘Here Comes the Indian’ and ‘Hollindagain’ as well as their solo member Panda Bear’s ‘Young Prayer’.

Not to mention 3 Kasabian albums, Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’, the ‘Trolls’ OST and A Tribe Called Quest’s 1990 debut ‘People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm’.

Don’t think twice!