As Easter approaches another Jesus is resurrecting… Jesus & the Mary Chain have released their first album since 1998! The Scottish post-punks are back with a banger of an album, ready to shock once again. Have a listen below.

Grab your copy of Total Madness, all the greatest hits & more of the biggest Ska band ever, on limited edition red vinyl!

Speaking of the “Soul of Jamaica”, we highly recommend checking out the new Inna De Yard album if reggae is your thing. Craig Charles also speaks very highly of them…”It’s like if Buena Vista Social Club was from Jamaica”

There’s also the new album from the Fat White Family and Eccentric Research Council collaborration Moonlandingz, produced by John Lennon’s son and featuring backing vocals from Yoko Ono!

And finally on our top shelf this week, is the Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn’s 3rd solo effort, “We All Want the Same Things”, an “accomplished work of a wise songwriter”, says Pitchfork (7.8/10)

Reissues are no short supply this week, with 3 albums from the Smiths and the Suicidal Tendencies each, as well as the Wheatus, MC5 and Taj Mahal debuts!

There’s also Matthew Sweet and the Dropkick Murphy’s 3rd LPs, Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” for just £15, New Order’s “Republic”, Motorhead’s “Death and Glory”, The White Buffalo “Hogtied Revisited” and Richard and Linda Thompson “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight” from ’74.

Ryan Adams new album has been selling so well we decided to order in another copy of his Taylor Swift covers album “1989”! Come snap it up.

Special mention goes to the other new albums out this week from Bruut!, James Blunt, Boss Hog and Miraculous Mule.

Plenty to get your hands full with! Come have a browse and a chinwag with our staff, open Thursday-Sunday! For our opening times see our homepage.