New In: January 26th 2018

Loaaaads of great new albums in, first and foremost, the star of our next instore session, the Kaiser Chiefs former drummer and songwriter, Nick JD Hodgson! 5 HIGHLIGHTS Nick J.D. Hodgson “Tell Your Friends” Django Django “Marble Skies” Nightmares on Wax “Shape the Future” Dream Wife “Dream Wife” Keno “Around the Corner” ALSO [...]

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The ‘Proper’ January Sale at Spinning Discs Sheffield

The 'Proper' January Sale starts at Spinning Discs Sheffield from Wednesday 3rd January! Come along and dig through the sale bin or have a spin of the disc! Spin 1 for 10% off all of your purchases Spin 2 for 10% off the most expensive item Spin 3 for £1 off your total till price [...]

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