The Team here at Spinning Discs Sheffield have had the glow sticks out as we’ve had a large selected of rave classics drop. These are all in near mint condition and very rare for vinyl from these heady days. Rave 12s are becoming highly collectable as the appreciation for the cultural significance of this time period grows. Whether you’re filling in the blanks in your collection or discovering the music which has such influence on current sounds for the first time – get sorted at Spinning Discs Sheffield.

Titles include –

The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning Remix
Impact Records – Cukoo In The Jungle/twister
Marco Popo – Need U Now Remix Ep
The Nighttripper – Phuture
Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You
Ruffige Creu – Kris Biscuit
Roy Davis Jnr – Gabriel
Dj Seduction – Hardcore Heaven
The Brothers Grimm – Do You Want Me
Love Revolution – Give It To Me Baby
Interference – Third Man
Barbara Dixon – Wanna Be Your Lover
In-dex – Now Your Gone
Hedgehog Affair – Oh My God
Noise Overload – Right Here Right Now
The House Crue – Keep The Fire Burning
Gin & Tonic – Let It Go
Nookie – The Love Is Ep
Phuture Assassins – Future Sound Ep
Project 1 – Don Gargon Comin’
Reinforced – Sudden Def – Remixes
Index – Give Me A Sign
Picture Disc – Enforcers – 4 Track Ep
4 Hero – Combat Dancin’
The House Crew – We Are Hardcore/maniac
Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton
The Beat Club – Security
The Ratpack – Searchin For My Rizla Ep
Soft House Company – What You Need
Manix – I Can’t Stand It
The House Crew – We Are Hardcore – Magic Fantasy Mix – Maniac The Final Conflict
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Erafurther Out
Forgemasters – The Black Steel Ep
Nino – The Gun