Over the past couple of weeks we’ve filled the racks with loads of great new and reissue vinyl.  We’ve added even more select second hand vinyl to the Record Emporium at the back of the shop.

This week we’re continuing to bring more wonderful tunes to your world with the likes of a couple of the Pink Floyd reissues ‘A Momentary Lapse…’ and ‘The Final Cut’.  We’ve got some ‘CrazySexyCool’ in from TLC, Paul Weller comes in heavyweight (quite literally) with ‘Paul Weller’ and ‘Wild Wood’.  The Hives more your kind of thing? How’s about some ‘Veni Vidi Vicious’?  The White Buffalo, Grateful Dead (Picture Disc), Sylford Walker and more.

Super duper.

P.S. Our Proper January Sale is still on (because it’s still January) too!!!