We do have very open minds down at Spinning Discs Sheffield, as an example of this Martin tried a Mint KitKat the other day (didn’t like it).

This philosophy extends to our selection of music and we now have a large selection of speed garage in stock. This previously overlooked genre is now being re-examined and after the passage of time is found to stand up well. Completely underground, often produced for DJs only and in very limited pressings some early drum and bass 12s are becoming highly sort after. We have a wide range more from the more commercial to deeply underground and a wide range of prices from £1 (check the bargain bins) to £35.

A few examples –

Sunship – Cheque One-Two
So Solid Crew – 21 Seconds
Sound Of One – As I Am
DJ Wire – Believe Me
Sticky Feat. Ms Dynamite* – Booo!
Geeneus Featuring GodsGift, Major Ace And Plague – Anywhere
Getto Kingz And A Queen – So Fine (The M-Dubs Mixes)
Screama – The Screama EP
EZ – The Next Chapter EP
Kalibre & DJ Quest – Slave / Bongo Funk / Weapons
N’n’G Featuring Kallaghan – Right Before My Eyes
Oxide & Neutrino – War / Shoot 2 Kill
DJ Bigga.G – Mind Body And Soul
Jon E Cash – Battle