We’ve got to say that the Pop Princess Kylie is back with her new release ‘Golden’ and yet another Pop Diva is running alongside keeping her on her toes in the form of Soul Pop Diva Lisa Stansfield with a collection of new material in ‘Deeper’. ¬†Youngsters Lorde, Hinds and Goat Girl are keeping everyone on the lookout with three fantastic new releases in ‘Melodrama’, ¬†‘I don’t run’ (and maybe they don’t need to) and ‘Goat Girl’

Plus we’ve got more in from the likes of;

Unknown Mortal Orchestra ‘Sex + Food’

Peter Harris ‘Adverts’

Hop Along ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’

Abi Wade ‘Beautifully Astray’

The Wonder Years ‘Sister Cities’

Cosmo Sheldrake ‘The Much Much How How and I’

The Amazing ‘In Transit’

Zeke ‘Hellbender’

and more!

Plus we’ve got a special celebration coming up so keep an eye out for an announcement!