Hello Folks,

These are very uncertain and unprecedented times.

Please read ‘where we are’ at the moment below;

Covid_19 and Spinning Discs Sheffield

We will be staying open for all of our customers, subject to any further government announcements.

We will be taking reasonable precautions to clean surfaces wherever practical – bearing in mind we are a record shop.

We ask all of our customers to take precautions and measures that are being advised by the Government.

We may have to operate restricted hours/close temporarily if self-isolating however we’ll try our best to keep our usual shop hours.

If you don’t want to come in to see us at the moment and fancy a record or two then you can always get in touch with us through email, social media channels or phone.

We can post out records to your home and in some cases; if you’re reasonably local we can deliver. Please bear with us in this unprecedented time.

We’ll try our very best to support you wherever we can.

Please try and continue to support us and all of the other local independent businesses however and wherever you can.


Spinning Discs Sheffield