Release Date: 12th February 2021

Format: LP

Cat: FIRELP599

Track listing:

Side A
1. I’m Holding Out For Something
2. Moon Turn Tides
3. Soft Fruit
4. Michael Returns To The Garden
5. 99 North
6. Return To View

Side B
1. St. Francis Fountain
2. Private Life
3. Half Mourning
4. Lucky Coin
5. OBW Saints
6. I Know About These Things


One of the year’s most daring and true pop records, private LIFE comes as the result of Virginia Wing living through, and with, huge personal emotional and mental traumas. It is a document of how the very process of music creation in a group can be of huge therapeutic benefit to people. The three members of Virginia Wing have explored the depths of their creative and artistic inspirations within performance, production and composition, and have made a candid and brash pop record that speaks clearly about hope, desperation, impulse, addiction, urge and shame.