Release Date: 8th October 2021

Baby Blue Vinyl x1 / Cat no. 3834466

Almost two years since the release of his critically acclaimed no. 1 debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’, ‘Seventeen Going Under’ finds Sam Fender turning the mirror on himself; his adolescence and the trials and tribulations of growing up. It’s a relatable journey that careers through an often misspent youth, navigating tumultuous relationships with both friends and family, and trying to figure out what comes next and how to get there. North Shields is the ever-present backdrop for these deeply personal vignettes of a young life travelling breathlessly from nought to sixty, hauling on the breaks and zipping back again from where he started.

This exclusive indies-only version comes with alternative artwork and baby blue vinyl.


1. Seventeen Going Under
2. Getting Started
3. Aye
4. Get You Down
5. Long Way Off
6. Spit Of You
7. Last To Make It Home
8. The Leveller
9. Mantra
10. Paradigms
11. The Dying Light