Release Date: 22nd January 2021

Format: LP / Indies Loser Edition LP

Cat no: SP1400 / SP1400x

Track listing:

  1. Tyler

  2. Undecided Voters

  3. Maid Marian’s Toast

  4. Highlights of 100

  5. Only Here for a Haircut

  6. Cooler Returns

  7. Guilty Party

  8. Omaha

  9. Domino

  10. Nashville Wedding

  11. Dodger

  12. Norma Jean’s Jacket

  13. Waiting in Line

Cooler Returns is their second album, and their first for Sub Pop. Despite being a snapshot of the pandemic-infused beginnings of this decade, Cooler Returns is truly a whole lot of fun. RIYL indie-pop from down under, things that are smart / exuberant / catchy all at once.