Release Date: 24th September 2021

Transparent Vinyl / Cat no. WCR110LP-C1


  1. 1. Ride Your Horse [P.E. Remix] 2. Inner Reaches III [Zaliva-D Remix] 3. Notes Underground [Mong Tong Remix] 4. Moonshadows [Simon Frank Remix] 5. The Last Note [Angel Wei Remix] 6. Sound of Love [Knopha Remix] 7. Gong Gong Gong Blues [Howie Lee Remix] 8. Some Kind of Demon [Yu Su Remix] 9. Hotpot (Chongqing) [Scattered Purgatory Remix] 10 Wei Wei Wei [Wu Zhuoling Remix]


With Phantom Rhythm Remixed, Gong Gong Gong bring to life a concept they’ve planned since the release of their acclaimed first album, curating their favorite China-connected electronic music producers to remix Phantom Rhythm in its entirety. The globe-spanning collaboration features
Yu Su (Vancouver/Kaifeng), Zaliva-D, Simon Frank, Howie Lee (Beijing), Mong Tong, Scattered Purgatory (Taipei), Knopha (Xiamen), Wu Zhuoling (Chengdu), Angel Wei (Copenhagen), and P.E. (Brooklyn). The LP traces a common thread, organically expanding the palette of Gong Gong Gong into ambient club tracks, thumping dance music, cinematic soundscapes, and doomy bit-crushed psych.