Release Date: 1st July 2022

Black and white ‘exploded splatter’ vinyl x1

This spectacular debut release from Ash was a monumental album in the brit-rock scene, reaching No.1 within the UK, and has since become a platinum record. Back on vinyl for the first time since its original 1996 release, 1977 features the huge singles ‘Girl From Mars’, ‘Kung Fu’, ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Angel Interceptor’ and ‘Oh Yeah’.


Side A:

  1. Lose Control (2022 Remaster)
  2. Goldfinger (2022 Remaster)
  3. Girl From Mars (2022 Remaster)
  4. I’d Give You Anything (2022 Remaster)
  5. Gone The Dream (2022 Remaster)
  6. Kung Fu (2022 Remaster)

Side B:

  1. Oh Yeah (2022 Remaster)
  2. Let It Flow (2022 Remaster)
  3. Innocent Smile (2022 Remaster)
  4. Angel Interceptor (2022 Remaster)
  5. Lost In You (2022 Remaster)
  6. Darkside Lightside (2022 Remaster)