It’s been a while…

What with the preparations for the forthcoming season and our first ‘Front Room‘ gig (and if you weren’t there then you missed a real treat from Big Top Heartbreak) we’ve been busy.  Sorry!

Anyway – Solange.  She’s like Beyonce, Adele, Cher, Dusty and loads of other single name artists that are fantastic.  Some other artists could have gone down the very same route but the affect just wouldn’t have been the same – Russ, Rod, Bob or Billy (no – not that one)!  Enough ramblings.  Her album is in on vinyl.  Plus we’ve got another one with Kema’s soundtrack to ‘Alle Sorgenti Delle Civilta’.

Loads of restocks from Fews, Aphex Twin, The White Stripes, The Maytalls, Soul Jazz Records, Swet Shop Boys, Radiohead, Wild Beasts, National, Stereolab, Low, The Wytches, Tame Impala and more.

Pop in to have a gander.  Pop in for our next ‘Front Room’ gig on Saturday at 5pm with Tom Baxendale.