New week, new wax!

Erasure’s 17th studio effort comes in the form of “World Be Gone”. Fuzz punk band Wavves are back with a cracking LP, “You’re Welcome”. You’re gonna thank us for that one later!

Warp Records’ indie dance troup !!! aka Chk Chk Chk present “Shake the Shudder”, while Jane Weaver – presents her 3rd LP, “Modern Kosmology”.

Big week for rock/metal, with the return of Biters with “The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be” and Papa Roach first LP in 2 years, “Crooked Teeth”

Radiophonic Workshop are back after 32 YEARS with “Burial In Several Earths” Box-set!

And some recent albums that are back in stock, (Sandy) Alex. G, Frank Ocean’s guitarist’s “Rocket” is making noise all over, as is the She-Devils EP. Rick Ro$$’ “Rather You Than Me” which came out this year is back in, as are Sneaks “It’s a Myth” and Mr. Mitch’s “Devout”.

Awesome Tapes From Africa’s latest reissue comes in the form of Umoja’s “707”, a funky drum machine work out.

Buffalo Tom’s 3rd LP “Let Me Come Over” from 1992 is back in stock.

Loads of TV and film soundtracks in this week, it’s the 25th anniversary of the “Singles” OST, Black Mirror’s soundtrack “Men Against Fire” is out on vinyl finally, and Resistance Radio, from The Man in the High Castle. Finally there’s two Twin Peaks records, “Fire Walk With Me” and “Music from Twin Peaks”.

Tons of reissues too,
T-Rex “In America” Live
Scouting For Girls’ debut
Sia – “1000 Forms of Fear”
Iron Maiden’s 4th LP – Virtual XI
Iron Maiden’s 3rd LP – The X Factor
Iron Maiden – Box set with 2 albums, Fear of the Dark and No Prayer for the Dying, and collectors box that fits all 13 albums.
Coldcut x On-U Sound – “Outside the Echo Chamber” Box Set

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